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Monday, 28 November 2022 16:14

Special Hardship Order Applications

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Special Hardship Order Applications A special hardship licence is a type of licence that allows you to drive under a set of conditions even though your driver licence has been suspended. A special hardship licence or special hardship order is a licence issued when you exceed 2 demerit points on a good driving behaviour period or have exceeded the speed limit by more than 40 km/h (high speed suspension).  It is also known as a hardship licence, SHO, demerit point licence, good driving behaviour licence or special hardship order. If you accumulate too many demerit points, Queensland Transport will write…
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Wednesday, 23 November 2022 16:46

Work Licence Affidavits

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  If you have found yourself in a position where you are going to lose your licence as a result of a drug driving or low or mid-range drink driving charge (you had a BAC less than 0.15%) tin Queensland hen you may be eligible for a work licence. One question that many people ask is what needs to go into my application and affidavit for a work licence? Am I eligible for a work licence? You could be eligible for a work licence if you meet the following criteria: You have been charged with and intend to plead guilty…
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Tuesday, 22 November 2022 20:54

Drink Driving Penalties in Queensland

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  Queensland drink driving penalties are consider some of the harsher penalties in Australia for drink driving.  Queensland has a mandatory loss of licence for all drink driving offences. The purpose of this article is to try and give some guidance as to how the court comes up with the penalty for drink driving and what that penalty may be.   What is drink driving? The law states that a person can be charged with drink driving if the driver; Is over the legal limit for that category of driver; and Drove a vehicle; or Attempted to put in motion…
Monday, 21 November 2022 16:53

Can you beat a drink driving charge?

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  Drink driving offences are some of the most common matters that Queensland courts see however this does not mean the consequences of losing the ability to drive is not serious.  People’s lives can be ruined by long periods of disqualification especially if no work license is granted. The questions then arises is there a defence to a drink driving charge, in other words can you beat a DUI?   When can the police undertake a breath or blood test? The police can require a person to provide a sample of breath or blood if they reasonably suspect a person…
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Hardship Licence Affidavits

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  It is essential for anyone making a special hardship license application to ensure that the application is accompanied by a detailed and comprehensive affidavit.  The affidavit for the special hardship order application needs to cover everything from your financial situation to the hours and days you need to drive.  Its critical to get the affidavit right as it’s the primary thing the court will look at when determining whether to grant a hardship licence and if they do on what terms. This page is just about the affidavit needed, for full information on hardship license applications in Queensland visit…
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Dangerous Driving Defences in Queensland

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Dangerous driving is one of the most serious traffic related charged that can come before a court. Unlike drink driving or unlicensed driving which are considered traffic offences dangerous driving is considered a criminal offence and carries serious penalties if found guilty especially if the charge is dangerous driving causing injury or death. We have an Essential Guide to Dangerous Driving that explains all about dangerous driving and the penalties that can be imposed. This blog post is about possible defences to dangerous driving in Queensland. What is Dangerous Operation of a Vehicle? The legislation provides the formal definition of…
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Wednesday, 16 November 2022 18:35

Hardship Licence Conditions

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  Special hardship licences or hardship licences are an option the Queensland Magistrates courts have to allow a person to continue to drive even though their licence will be suspended by Queensland Transport for incurring more than 1 demerit point on a good driving behaviour period or driving over 40km/h. We have a full page devoted to special hardship licences that explains all the details. This blog post is all about what conditions will the court impose if they grant a hardship licence.   SHO conditions When a Queensland magistrates court grants a special hardship order it will impose certain…
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