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Drink Driving While Supervising Learner Driver

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In Queensland, the responsibility of supervising a learner driver is taken seriously, and this includes adhering to laws regarding alcohol consumption. It is illegal for a person who is supervising a learner driver to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs beyond the legal limit for driving.


What is my limit if I am supervising a learner driver?

The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when supervising a learner driver in Queensland is typically the same as for driving a car, which is 0.05% BAC as you must hold an open licence to supervise a learner driver.  However, some situations may require a zero alcohol limit, especially if a heavy vehicle is involved.

The laws relating to driving with drugs in the system also apply.


Can the police breath test me?

Law enforcement authorities have the power to conduct random breath tests (RBTs) on supervisors of learner drivers, just as they do for regular drivers. If a supervisor is found to be over the legal alcohol limit while supervising a learner driver, they can face penalties similar to those for drink driving, including fines and license disqualification.


What does the law say?

Section 79AA of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 states that;

                The supervisor is in charge of the motor vehicle for the purposes of—

(a)the relevant provisions; and

(b)other provisions of this Act applying in relation to any charge, proceedings, conviction or sentence for an offence against a relevant provision.


The key phrase is the supervisor is considered to be “in charge of the motor vehicle” .  This means the supervisor is technically in charge of the motor vehicle and the law states that if a person who is  “in charge” they are subject to normal drink driving laws and if found to be over the limit will be charged as if they were the driver.

The relevant provision refers to the section that covers drink driving in Queensland.


What will the penalty be for drink driving while supervising a learner?

Please visit our full article on drink driving penalties


Could I get a Work Licence if charged?

Perhaps, please see our full article on Work Licences in Queensland.



In summary, drink driving while supervising a learner driver in Queensland is illegal and carries penalties similar to those for regular drink driving offenses. It's crucial for supervisors to prioritize road safety by remaining sober during driving sessions and providing responsible guidance to learner drivers.


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