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Monday, 29 November 2021 11:37

Do you need a Traffic Lawyer?

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In a word, yes.

Why do you need a Lawyer?

A lawyer experienced in criminal and traffic law can take your legal problem and figure out what to do with it very quickly – and then advise you of your options. We at Clarity Law have experience with all different kinds of cases: drugs offences, sexual offences, DV offences, violence offences, traffic offences and work licences, to name some. Without a lawyer you are like a ship in the middle of the ocean without a GPS – no idea where you are or where to go. Further, built into our prices is court representation – meaning the lawyer who advises you will be the lawyer who represents you in court.


How can Clarity Law help you?

We know the law. We know all the procedural steps in court. We know the judges and magistrates. We know how to write to the prosecutors. We know what to expect and we know the right things to say in court.

For ordinary working Queenslanders, we understand legal fees can be quite substantial. That is why we keep our costs reasonable, and on a fixed fee basis. You can see a list of some of our standard prices here. We believe our fees are amongst the most competitive in Southeast Queensland.

One factor for you to consider is although legal fees are a substantial up-front cost, they can save you in the long-run – our results can minimise disqualification periods, keep fines low, avoid criminal convictions, and make the granting of a work licence a near certainty.


Cant you just represent yourself?

You can, but it is a risky move.

Even for what might appear to be a simple drink driving or drug driving case, coming to court with a lawyer shows the magistrate you are taking the matter seriously. Because we know the individual magistrates, we know how each of them think and what they are likely to do. Especially if your licence is important to you, you are best off to get a lawyer so we can keep the disqualification to a minimum and get you a special licence if needed. To us, the traffic legislation in Queensland is like an old friend; messy, complex, and poorly put together, but we know her well.

In relation to criminal matters, we have good success negotiating with the prosecutors to drop charges or amend them to something less serious. In court, we are not only able to keep your penalty to a minimum (if you plead guilty), but we also fight hard so the court will not record a conviction. The recording of a conviction has serious consequences for you, because: the result shows up on any police check, your prospects for obtaining employment are hampered, and it interferes with your ability to travel overseas.


Our results

  • Here some recent traffic related results we have achieved for clients, which just would not have happened without our help:
  • Pointing out to a magistrate that the police charged our client with the wrong charge – so the client’s minimum disqualification period was 1 month instead of 3 months. Our client was disqualified for 5 weeks as a result, instead of 3 months
  • Getting the prosecution to downgrade a disqualified driving charge with a minimum of 2 years disqualification to a charge with only 1 month minimum disqualification.
  • Getting the prosecution to downgrade a unlicenced driving charge with a minimum of 6 months disqualification to a charge with no minimum disqualification.
  • Winning an appeal against our client’s disqualification, allowing him to continue to work.
  • Getting a fine without conviction for dangerous driving matter where our client injured a motorcyclist.
  • For a client who pleaded guilty in the Children’s Court to dangerous driving and drink driving over the no alcohol limit, the matter was referred to restorative justice, with no other penalty or loss of licence.
  • Appearing for a client who blew 0.39% (almost 8 times the legal limit), who received a fine and 18 months disqualification.



Although it may be appealing to save on legal fees by representing yourself, you can consider an investment in legal fees as an investment in your future – the outcome of any court case can have a serious impact on your ability to work and provide for your family, now or in the future.

Our fees are very competitive, and we invite you to make contact, get a quote, and speak with one of our expert lawyers.

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