Client - Southport

Dear Steven & Belinda, I know that I thanked you after the last time you defended Simon in April but this I feel is very different. People are paid to do a job but sometimes people such as yourselves go above and beyond. I have learnt over the last month that it really doesn’t matter if your a good person or if you did something hurt someone or not the law doesn’t discriminate and as good a person I believe Simon to be he nearly went to jail today. I could not imagine how our lives would have been impacted if he had of gone to jail. I think we have suffered enough recently. I believe his eyes have been well and truly opened and he has realised just how much he has going for him and that driving a car is just simply not worth it. In my time I have come across a few lawyers who have been liars and just simply care about how much they can get from you. The experience we have had working with you have been very different. So from the bottom of our hearts Simon and I would like to again thank you for not only your professionalism but for being kind and understanding. People who do not know Simon would be quick to judge based on his actions but you didn’t do this.