Quality traffic law defence with affordable fixed fees
Quality traffic law defence with affordable fixed fees

Quality traffic law defence with affordable fixed fees

I founded this practice with the firm goal of providing clients with the best possible legal advice and the best service clients have ever received from a law firm. People charged with a traffic offence or facing the loss of their licence are often scared, stressed and needing real answers not empty promises or vague ideas of costs. We are not just any law firm we are your guide through the Queensland Court process, you have my guarantee and promise.

Steven Brough

Founder & Head Lawyer of Clarity Law

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When experience matters it's one call for all the answers.

Driving Offences

Traffic and driving violations can be dealt with quite seriously in the Queensland courts. There are a wide variety of driving offences ranging from dangerous driving to more serious charges such as drink driving and drug driving charges.

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The rules around licences can be complex. If you need to keep your license we can assist you in applying for a restricted work licence, special hardship licence, as well as dealing with demerit point issues.

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Drink Driving

The traffic law charge of failing to stop is an extremely serious charge with the Queensland Government enacting some of the toughest legislation in the country.

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Drug Driving

Drug driving in Queensland is becoming one of the most common traffic offences that can bring people to court. There are two possible drug driving charges in Queensland either; driving whilst a relevant drug is in the system; or driving under the influence of a drug.

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Queensland’s Experts in Traffic Law since 2010
Queensland’s Experts in Traffic Law since 2010

Queensland’s Experts in Traffic Law since 2010

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It’s a very simple question - why choose Clarity Law over another law firm or just appearing in court yourself? We passionately believe that we are the best choice to represent you for on any driving charges. Read more...

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Put your faith and trust in Clarity Law and you will not be let down. With over 60 combined years' experience and appearing in more than 1000 cases, our wide range of experience in Traffic Law helps defend your rights. Read more...

What makes us different?

Clarity Law introduces a new and better way of getting legal advice for any driving law charges. Law firms are typically slow to change or embrace new ways of doing things. Read more...


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Traffic Lawyers Queensland

Traffic Lawyers Queensland

We have seven legal offices located across South East Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, North Brisbane and Hervey Bay. We cover more than 23 court houses with our expert traffic law defence services.

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Traffic and Driving Law Queensland

Legal Briefs

Special Hardship Order Conditions

March 19, 2024 by Jack Marshall

This article seeks to expand upon what conditions the Court can impose on a person if they grant them a restricted licence under section 317 of the Transport Operations (Driver...

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February 28, 2024 by Steven Brough

Facing a drink driving charge in Caboolture can be a daunting experience, but having the right legal representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. With...

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How to Check Your Driver's Licence Status in…

February 27, 2024 by Steven Brough

Ensuring that your driver's license is valid and in good standing is an integral part of being a responsible driver. Oftentimes, we might lose track of the validation status, especially...

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