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Wednesday, 24 January 2024 19:04

How to Check Your Demerit Points in Queensland

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Demerit points are a crucial aspect of the driving experience in Queensland, serving as a means to regulate and monitor traffic offences. It is essential for drivers to stay informed about their demerit points to ensure they maintain a clean driving record.

Fortunately, Queensland provides an accessible method for individuals to check their demerit points and stay on top of their driving status.


Checking Demerit Points in Queensland:


Online Services:

The most convenient way to check your demerit points in Queensland is through the official Queensland Government website. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) offers an online service called "Demerit Points Check" on their website.


Accessing the TMR Website:

    • Visit the official TMR website ( ).

    • Navigate to the "Licensing" section, where you will find the "Demerit Points" option.


Online Demerit Points Check:

    • Click on the "Licence Demerit Points" option, and you will be directed to the Demerit Points Check service.

    • You then have the option to log into the system using either;

      • TMR using your licence number & DOB; or

      • QGov

    • Follow the prompts and provide any additional information as required to verify your identity.


Check Demerit Points Status:

    • Once you have completed the necessary steps, the online service will display your current demerit points status.

    • You will be able to see the number of demerit points you have incurred and whether any demerit points are pending.

    • In addition you can see the class of licences you hold and whether your drivers licence is current or not.


Additional Information:

    • It's advisable to check your demerit points regularly to stay informed about your driving record.


Contacting TMR:

    • If you encounter any issues or prefer to check your demerit points through alternative means, you can contact the TMR directly for assistance.




Staying informed about your demerit points is crucial for responsible driving in Queensland. The online Demerit Points Check service provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads offers a user-friendly and efficient way for drivers to monitor their demerit points status. By regularly checking your demerit points, you can take proactive steps to ensure you understand how many demerit points you have and if your licence is current so you can avoid offences like unlicensed driving or disqualified driving.



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