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What is a Traffic Lawyer?

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What Does a Traffic Lawyer Do and How Can They Help Me?

If you have ever been charged with a traffic offence, you may have wondered whether hiring a traffic lawyer is worth the expense. The truth is, traffic charges can have serious consequences, including fines, points on your driving record, and even the disqualification of your drivers licence. In this article, we will explore what traffic lawyers do and how they can help you.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Traffic Offences
  3. What Does a Traffic Lawyer Do?
  4. Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer
  5. When to Hire a Traffic Lawyer
  6. How to Choose the Right Traffic Lawyer
  7. Working with a Traffic Lawyer
  8. Traffic Lawyer Fees
  9. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Traffic charges can range from more minor charges, such as a careless driving or unlicenced , to more serious offenses, such as drink driving, drug driving, disqualified driving  and evading police.   Depending on the nature of the violation, you may face fines, points, license disqualification, or even prison time. In such cases, hiring a traffic lawyer can be a wise investment.


2. Understanding Traffic Offences

Each state has its own laws regarding traffic offences and the consequences for committing them.  Typically in Queensland the most common offences that bring someone to court are

Drink Driving - DUI is one of the most serious traffic offences a person can find themselves charged with. In Queensland unlike other states there is a mandatory requirement to disqualify a person’s drivers licence no matter what the personal circumstances are or the affect a disqualification will have on a person and their family.

Drug Driving - Drug driving in Queensland is becoming one of the most common traffic offences that can bring people to court. There are two possible drug driving charges in Queensland either; driving whilst a relevant drug is in the system; or driving under the influence of a drug.

Unlicensed Driving - Unlicensed driving is a charge that can cover many different types of situations. The charge in its simplest form applies to people who have simply forgotten to renew their licence but at its most serious it covers people who have been disqualified from driving by a Queensland court and have been caught driving again.

Careless Driving - Careless driving is also known as driving without due care and attention or reckless driving. Although the charge is less serious than dangerous driving, which is a criminal charge, it can still carry a driver licence disqualification period and fine.

Dangerous Driving - Dangerous driving or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle is one of the most serious traffic offences in Queensland. Dangerous driving is a criminal offence not just a traffic offence meaning a conviction can have very serious consequences.

Disqualified Driving - Disqualified driving is an extremely serious charge in Queensland. Courts are particularly hard on these types of offences as to be charged with disqualified driving you must have been disqualified by a court but still chosen to drive.

Work Licences - If you have been charged with a drink or drug driving offence in Queensland you may be entitled to apply for a work licence. A work licence is also known as a restricted licence, workers licence, section 87 licence or day licence.

Hardship Licences - Special hardship licences or hardship licences are an option the Queensland Magistrates courts have to allow a person to continue to drive even though their licence will be suspended by Queensland Transport.

Licence Reinstatement Applications – Licence applications to have a drivers licence reinstated after 2 years of a disqualification.

Evading Police - The charge of evading police, also known as failing to stop is an extremely serious charge with the Queensland Government enacting some of the toughest legislation in the country.


3. What Does a Traffic Lawyer Do?

A traffic lawyer is a legal professional who is an expert in representing clients charged with traffic offences. They are trained in the specific laws and regulations related to traffic offences and have experience navigating the legal system. A traffic lawyer can represent you in court, negotiate with prosecutors, and help you understand your rights and options.

What traffic lawyers do can be broken down to the following areas:


1. Represent You in Court

One of the most important services that traffic lawyers provide is representation in court. If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence, or need to continue driving if your licence is to be suspended or disqualified a traffic lawyer can represent you in court and advocate on your behalf. They can present your case, challenge evidence against you, and negotiate with the prosecutor to try to get your charges reduced or dismissed. 


2. Help You Navigate the Legal System

Traffic law can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the legal system. Traffic lawyers can help you navigate the legal system and ensure that you understand your rights and options. They can explain the charges against you, the potential consequences, and the legal process involved.


3. Provide Legal Advice

Another service that traffic lawyers offer is legal advice. They can advise you on the best course of action for your case, based on the facts and circumstances. They can help you understand the potential consequences of different options and make an informed decision.


4. Assist with License Suspension

If your driver’s license is in danger of being suspended a traffic lawyer can assist you in taking steps to avoid these consequences. They can represent you in court for a work licence or special hardship licence application to try to keep you on the road.


4. Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

There are many benefits to hiring a traffic lawyer, including:

  • Reduced penalty: A traffic lawyer can often present your case in such a way that the court will reduce the penalty and disqualification period.
  • Avoiding court appearances: A traffic lawyer can often appear in court on your behalf, saving you time and hassle.
  • Avoiding jail time: In cases where jail time is a possibility, a traffic lawyer can work to have the charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Expert advice: A traffic lawyer can provide valuable advice on how to proceed with your case, including whether to plead guilty or fight the charges.
  • Reduce Stress: you have someone on your side fighting for the best outcome.

 court room


5. When to Hire a Traffic Lawyer

You may want to consider hiring a traffic lawyer if:

  • You have been charged with a traffic offence and given a court date
  • You are facing the suspension of your driver's license.


6. How to Choose the Right Traffic Lawyer

When choosing a traffic lawyer, it is important to consider factors such as experience, expertise, and cost. Look for a lawyer who are do in traffic offences, has experience in your area, and has a track record of success. Consider scheduling a consultation to discuss your case and get a sense of the lawyer's approach.


7. Working with a Traffic Lawyer

Once you have hired a traffic lawyer, it is important to communicate openly and honestly about your case. Provide any relevant information or documentation and be clear about your goals and expectations. Your traffic lawyer will work with you to develop a strategy for your case and keep you informed about any developments.



8. Traffic Lawyer Fees

The cost of hiring a traffic lawyer can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the lawyer’s experience. Some lawyers charge a flat fee for their services, while others charge by the hour.  Having a fixed fee means you know exactly what your legal fees will be.  Brisbane traffic lawyers will generally charge a fixed fee while more regional Queensland areas it may be by the hour.


9. Conclusion

If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence or face the suspension of your drivers licence , it’s important to understand your rights and options. A traffic lawyer can provide valuable services to help you navigate the legal system, understand your charges, and advocate on your behalf. Whether you’re facing a minor traffic charge or a more serious offence, a traffic lawyer can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


What Matters Can Clarity Law Help Me With?

We can help with any matter where you need to go to court or your licence is to be suspended including?

Drink Driving

Drug Driving

Unlicensed Driving

Careless Driving

Dangerous Driving

Disqualified Driving

Evading Police

Work Licences

Hardship Licences

Licence Reinstatement Applications

 police 4


What Matters Can’t You Help Me With?

We don’t do any challenging of infringement notices like seat belt offences, speeding offences etc or how to apply for a driver’s licence or drivers authority


Our Experience

Since 2010 we have been representing people throughout Southeast Queensland who have been charged with traffic offences and need a good traffic lawyer to represent them.  We aren’t a firm that does traffic law as just one area of law, we do traffic law exclusively. 

Our client’s often come to us nervous, worried and needing answers.  This is not a time for uncertainty over your future nor the costs you will pay.  The stress that a traffic charge causes to people can be overwhelming, having an experienced traffic law firm to help will give you a lot of relief.

We strive to give you immediate comprehensive advice and a fixed fee so you can be sure of your legal costs.  While we will never be the cheapest we do offer the best value in our humble opinion.


What Courts do you Appear in?

We appear in every court in Southeast Queensland from Southport to Hervey Bay.  Just some of the courts we appear in include;


Beenleigh            Brisbane              Cleveland           

Holland Park       Pine Rivers          Richlands            

Sandgate             Wynnum


Sunshine Coast

Caboolture         Caloundra           Gympie

Maroochydore   Nambour             Noosa


Gold Coast

Beaudesert        Coolangatta        Southport


Darling Downs

Gatton   Toowoomba   Ipswich


Fraser Coast

Maryborough    Hervey Bay


Where are Your Offices Located?

We have 7 offices across Southeast Queensland so you will always have a traffic lawyer near me.  Please always ring first as your local office may be unattended if our staff are in court.  We have spent years developing systems that mean in most cases you wont even need to come in to see us to engage the best legal representation.




Gold Coast



Hervey Bay


Our Team

Every one of our traffic lawyers is extremely experienced appearing in the courts every week representing people charged with traffic offences.


Steven Brough – Founder and traffic lawyer


Russell Tannock – Traffic lawyer


Jacob Purden – Traffic lawyer


Belinda Smyth – Client Services Manager


What Do You Charge?

We charge a flat upfront fee for our services, that means no hidden charges or unexpected bills. 

We are also upfront with our fees, if you look at other law firms few, if any, clearly list how much they are going to charge you.  Clarity Law on the other hand are happy to list our prices as we are sure that although we are not the cheapest our prices given our experience is very competitive.  Our prices for a guilty plea include;

  • full preparation for court to ensure the best outcome including checking for defences and devising strategy to minimise penalty
  • communication with the police prosecution unit including obtaining traffic history and charge documents (QP9)
  • arranging for you to attend a driving course (if appropriate)
  • all telephone calls, emails and meetings with you
  • detailed information to you on the likely penalty and information on what will happen at court and afterwards
  • appearing in the court with you for your guilty plea to the traffic charge
  • answering any follow-up questions you may have

Click here to see what we charge


If I Contacted You What Would Occur?

If you contact us then Steven Brough the firm’s founder or our office manager Belinda Smyth will take the call or receive the email. They have over 45 years legal experience between them, we can provide immediate legal assistance and answer any questions you have. We will discuss your case, provide guidance and send a quote by email with additional relevant information about your charge, all at no cost.

If you want to engage us then it’s easy, there is a form you can complete and email back or complete online. If you don’t want to engage us or want to engage another firm that’s fine, you won’t be hassled and at worst you will just have more information about your charge. Once engaged one of our lawyers will go through your matter and contact you to discuss what the best way forward is to achieve the best results. Everyone of our lawyers are very experienced with thousands of courts appearances for traffic offences


How Do I Get More Information or Engage You to Act for Me? 

If you want to engage us or just need further information or advice then you can either;

  1. Use our contact form and we will contact you by email or phone at a time that suits you
  2. Call us on 1300 952 255 seven days a week, 7am to 7pm
  3. Click here to select a time for us to call you back
  4. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are a no pressure law firm, we are happy to provide information to assist you, if you want to engage us then great, if not then you at least have more information about your charge.


Need more information?

We have a range of articles on drug driving on our blog.  Some of the most recent have included:

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