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Thursday, 01 February 2024 16:49

Drink Driving While Supervising Learner Driver

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In Queensland, the responsibility of supervising a learner driver is taken seriously, and this includes adhering to laws regarding alcohol consumption. It is illegal for a person who is supervising a learner driver to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs beyond the legal limit for driving. What is my limit if I am supervising a learner driver? The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when supervising a learner driver in Queensland is typically the same as for driving a car, which is 0.05% BAC as you must hold an open licence to supervise a learner driver. However,…
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It is common for people charged with a drink driving offence to come before a Queensland court with a history of drink or drug driving offences. Sometimes, these offences are dated, having occurred over 5+ years ago. A history of drink or drug driving becomes much more relevant to a defendant, if their previous offence was within the last 5 years from the date of the offence. The reason for this is two fold: it makes the defendant ineligible for a work licence; it exposes a defendant to a greater minimum and maximum penalty than they otherwise would have faced.…
Wednesday, 24 January 2024 19:04

How to Check Your Demerit Points in Queensland

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Introduction: Demerit points are a crucial aspect of the driving experience in Queensland, serving as a means to regulate and monitor traffic offences. It is essential for drivers to stay informed about their demerit points to ensure they maintain a clean driving record. Fortunately, Queensland provides an accessible method for individuals to check their demerit points and stay on top of their driving status. Checking Demerit Points in Queensland: Online Services: The most convenient way to check your demerit points in Queensland is through the official Queensland Government website. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) offers an online…
Friday, 12 January 2024 17:43

Character References for Traffic Charges

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When facing a traffic law charge in court, the importance of character references cannot be overstated. These references provide the court with valuable insights into the individual's character, helping judges and legal professionals better understand the person beyond the traffic charges they face. Selecting the right person to vouch for your character is crucial, as their credibility and knowledge about you can significantly impact the court's perception. In this article, we will explore the qualities that make someone the best person to ask for a character reference in a traffic law case. Personal Connection The ideal character reference should have…
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Thursday, 11 January 2024 18:49

Dangerous Driving Causing Death or GBH

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The charge of dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm (“GBH”) is a serious offence in Queensland, carrying a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment. Tragically often the tiniest mistake by a driver can lead to a person suffering death or grievous bodily harm and the driver who often has never broken the law before forced to navigate the court system. If you or someone you know has been charged with this offence, it is crucial to understand the legal implications and seek legal representation immediately. The purpose of this article is to give some information to a person…
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Thursday, 11 January 2024 17:44

Case conferencing an evade police charge

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It was a great start to the new year for Clarity Law as we finalised a matter and obtained fantastic outcome for the client. This outcome case as a result of diligent work and case conferencing with the Police Prosecution Corps. The background We were engaged to act for a client who had been approached by a police officer about an Evade Police offence. This is a significant charge, which carries a mandatory minimum penalty of either approximately a $7,000 fine or a custodial sentence of 50 days to be served in a custodial facility. On top of this penalty,…
If you are granted a special hardship licence how many demerit points do you have while on the SHO? Background In the event of a licence suspension where the need to continue driving is imperative, such as for employment purposes, individuals may qualify to apply for a Special Hardship Order (SHO). A SHO is a legal order issued by the court, permitting a driver with a suspended provisional or open licence to continue driving under specified and restricted conditions. It's important to distinguish a SHO from a restricted (work) licence, which is applicable in cases of convictions for drink or…